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 Minecraft Event Ideas

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Minecraft Host/Event Coordinator
Minecraft Host/Event Coordinator

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PostSubject: Minecraft Event Ideas   Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:13 pm

Hello all of RR. Welcome to the MC division! I'm going to begin hosting events, what they are and how they are played will be in this thread. You can also submit ideas for a game and I will think about it. Begin!

1) Mastermind

This game is called Mastermind. There are 4 lanes with teams of 2 and one mastermind. The mastermind goes into a room away from everyone else and picks a 4 block colored wool pattern. Each team has 10 1x4 areas to put wool down in. There's a 10 minute time limit for each team to get the colored pattern right. If none gets it, the team closest will win the game. There will be 3 masterminds throughout the course of this event. All the teams are inside their own lane that can't be seen over. If you also cheat, your team will be thrown out of the event. afro

2) Adventure Maps

Adventure maps are basically RPG/Quest type maps. I'll split all the players into teams though for this. We are going to have one adventure map a week.

This Weeks: Griz2Map

It has been 3 months since the incident at the pyramid, and Professor Grizwald is assumed dead. An auction of his estate is being held today, and because you were the one to discover his fate you have been invited to attend. Many items and artifacts were for sale; however the starting bids were far out of your price range. You were only able to win one auction for 8 diamonds: a tattered old chest, its contents unknown.

Hoping your gamble on the mystery chest has paid off; you rush home and open it. Nothing immediately catches your eye: some clothes and a few blank notepads, but then you see the journal. “Restonian” it says on the cover, and excitement begins to flood your veins.

It was always rumored that Professor Grizwald had located the long lost diamond mine of the ancient Restonian civilization. The Restonians, said to be masters of redstone, left behind hints that they found a diamond mine that was “larger than the eye could see.” Officially no one has ever found it; yet unofficially people suspected Professor Grizwald had discovered the fabled mine and kept its location a secret.

Now, with this journal, it seems the secret will be revealed. You rush to your boat and set sail for the first location...


-This map was designed to be played in in single player (although I'm sure you can still play it on multiplayer and still have a lot fun).

-Turn the sound effects (note blocks!) all the way up. Music is optional.


STANDARD RULES (these apply to the entire map)

-You are not allowed to place any blocks
-You are not allowed to destroy any blocks EXCEPT clay. (You CAN destroy clay.)
-You are only allowed to use items that you find in chests or that drop from mobs. (ex: meat, arrows)
-You are not allowed to craft anything



-You will encounter some signs/notes/pages during the map. They may modify the above rules for certain sections of the map. You will be notified via another sign/note/page when the rules will change and when they return to normal.



-You will often find a bed, along with a chest stocked with rows of identical gear, marked “[CheckPoint]”. These are check points, and are placed around the map to get you back into the game quickly if you die. You are allowed to take 1 row of gear per life.


Bonus/Secret chests

-In the first 3 dungeons of the game there are a total of 20 bonus chests and 5 secret chests tucked away in hidden places. Bonus chests are somewhat easy to find and offer decent rewards. Secret chests are difficult to find, and contain diamond gear. All the chests are numbered so you can keep track of which ones you have collected and which ones you are missing. You will always have a chance to backtrack and collect the chests you missed.

There are no secret/bonus chests in the final dungeon.

Keep track of the gold bars/diamonds you collect this way in order to calculate you high score at the end of the game.

How to calculate your score:

(#ofGold)x50 + (#ofDiamond)x300 = rough score

Difficulty Mods
Peaceful = .25
Easy = .75
Normal = 1
Hard = 1.25

Rough Score X diffMod = final score

For your reference, the highest possible score is 7187.5

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Minecraft Event Ideas
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