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 The Official Replacing Reality Rules

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PostSubject: The Official Replacing Reality Rules   The Official Replacing Reality Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 12:08 pm

Last Updated Sunday, 10/1/09


Be nice. Treat other the way you want to be treated. Swearing is allowed, but it is not allowed to be a sexist, racist, or degrading word. If you are unsure if it is allowed, contact me through the servers, steamcommunity, or through the forums. As a community, we will not spam, post a random post just to get your post count up, or we will not argue with anybody. If you have a problem contact me about it.


There will be no innaporpriate sprays or tags on our servers. This includes pornagraphic sprays. As long as the "Innapropriate Parts" are covered up, it is fine. As for the forums, you shall not post a innapropriate video/picture. Also, no avertising anything on our servers and NO F10 jokes or other jokes/tricks that will make somebody exit out of the game, like the F10 joke.
(If you press F10 it exits out of the game you are in, that is if you didn't bind it to another key, but F10 is the default key)


There is NO ADVERTISING WHAT SO EVER! If you have a video, article, image, whatever, that's ok. It's not ok to advertise it though. Like my signiture, it's fine becuase it's an image. Now, if you want people to add you on a website as a friend, go ahead and put the link in your signiture. Make sure the sites are ok and don't cause viruses, hackings, etc. If you really want to advertise something, talk to me.

Hackers and You:

Listen, nobody likes hackers! This isn't really a rule, but it partially is. Fist off, if somebody Private Messages you or steam chats you ,or any way of communication, and says "Hey!Join my steam group at w-w-w. .tk" (The World Wide Web was abreviated for safetey reasons)
DO NOT CLICK IT!If you happen to click it, exit off it immediatly!
Notice the .tk? Steam wouldn't end there website in a .tk, meaning that it's not steam's website!

The Tag:

These are our tags:
[r]™ = new player
[R]™ = respected player
[RR]™ = admin
{RR}™ = super admin
{[RR]}™ = Division leader
[\RR/]™ = Owner

Private message me on the forums or send me a message through steam community, and or the forums.

Did I leave anything out that you might not like?Please private message(pm) me on the forums, or steamcommunity.

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The Official Replacing Reality Rules
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